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Birthdate:May 9, 1988
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Tessa TelKes is a member of the Merines’s personal guard, and a skilled swords woman bearing a no-nonsense personality. Calm, calculated, respectful, and to the point, she is someone with quite the high amount of patience. Never one to skimp out on manners, you can expect naught but politeness from her should she be encountered.

However, one should not expect to strike up a casual conversation. Tessa only speaks up when she must, and prefers not to waste her time. She is not fond of those who fool around and place fun above duties. Her own duties always come first and foremost, no exceptions. When encountered, she is often either training, or running errands for those who live in the Village.

Interests (6):

lullabies, old hymns, paperwork, sampling expensive wines, the red book, weapon tuning

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